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Beware of Problems with Your Heat Exchanger

Furnaces will run into problems from time to time, as all appliances do, and while maintenance services here in Dover, DE can reduce the incidents of repair, sooner or later, most systems end up experiencing problems. There are, of course, gradient of problem, and while some issues can be left for a day or so while you schedule a service call, one thing that can’t is a cracked heat exchanger. Why? It’s dangerous for starters, as well as seriously interfering with your heater as a whole.

How a Heat Exchanger Works

Your furnace works by heating up air, which is then blown through your ducts. A series of burners, fueled by gas, starts the heating process. But the gas itself can’t be spread through your home, since it contains toxic trace elements like carbon dioxide. That’s where the heat exchangers come in. The shaped metal heats up under exposure to the burning gas, as well as filtering out the toxic exhaust and removing it from the system via a venting pipe. The heat from the metal then warms the air, which is what blows through your ducts to heat your home.

What Happens When Problems Arise

Cracks and corrosion are the biggest problems a heat exchanger encounters. The constant cycle of heating up and cooling off places stress on the metal, and when cracks form, the exchanger is no longer able to do its job. Not only will the heating process be severely restricted – raising monthly costs in the bargain – but the damage releases those toxic gases in the system, where they can spread into your home and endanger you and your family. A good maintenance session can detect the cracks and sensors in modern furnaces will detect the presence of gas and shut the system down.

To replace a cracked heat exchanger, call on the pros at Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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