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Common Problems with Your Boiler

Boilers are a cheap and efficient way to warm your home and here in Lewes, DE, they are quite common. But boilers run into problems just like any other appliance, and when they do, you need to get them treated immediately. Sometimes, a problem with a boiler is easy to spot. Other times it’s more subtle than that. But the faster you do, the more quickly the issue can be addressed. Here’s a quick list of some common symptoms of boiler problems to look out for. Now is the perfect time to do so, since leaving issues untreated will simply make the issue worse.

Strange Noises

Strange noises qualify as anything that doesn’t match the normal operation of the boiler. The most common is kettling, which is often caused by mineral build-up in the boiler. But it can also include air in the system, low water pressure and other issues. Anytime an odd banging, humming, gurgling or hissing noise comes from your boiler, it’s cause for concern.


Leaks can come from anywhere in the system, often caused by corrosion or simple wear and tear. Puddles and drips are a good sign, but smaller leaks can release steam without causing a puddle. You can check the pressure gauge, pay attention to higher humidity levels in certain parts of the home, and look for a drop in heating power as well.

Low Pressure

The boiler’s pressure gauge is a good way to check for issues that might escape the naked eye. If it drops below a specific level, there’s usually a problem. Low water pressure can create reduced heating levels, higher bills and increased strain on the remainder of the system.

Only a trained expert can properly diagnose a boiler problem. If you spot one, turn your system off immediately, then contact the pros at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. to get it fixed.

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