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Have You Thought About a Ductless Heating System?

Most of us are familiar with centralized heating systems, usually forced air furnaces which heat the air then blow it through a series of ducts. It’s a cheap and effective way of warming your Seaford, DE home, but it’s not the only method out there, and it’s not always the best fit for certain kinds of households. If you’re looking for an alternative, then ductless heating systems make a great option. How do they work and which¬†homes might benefit from them the most? Read on for the answers.

How They Work

A ductless system doesn’t rely on the traditional duct system to spread heated air. Instead, it installs a series of smaller units in your home, each one responsible for just a single section. You can raise and lower the temperature in each section individually, and can do so without the use of ducts. The benefits are subtle but important. Besides allowing you the luxury of setting¬†different temperatures in different rooms, it allows you to turn off the heat in unused sections of the home while still running it in others. That can save you a great deal on monthly bills, and reduce a great deal of wear and tear to boot.

Who Benefits?

Every home can potentially benefit from the installation of a ductless heating system, but in particular, homes that meet any of the following criteria can make a good fit:

  • Larger homes, which often struggle to keep costs down and which can develop issues like breezes and cold spots.
  • Homes without ducts, an obvious candidate for ductless systems, since they don’t have the crawlspace or the layout to handle the ducts.
  • Homes with numerous occupants, such as boarding houses, hospices, or even just homes with large families. Ductless systems let each occupant set individual temperatures in their separate parts of the house.

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