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Diagnosing Strange Sounds from Your Boiler

Strange sounds are one of the ways your boiler communicates to you that a problem has developed. Different sounds can come from different systems, and today we’re going to talk about some sounds that indicate problems with your boiler. If you hear something abnormal coming from your boiler, don’t ignore it and don’t try to diagnose it yourself; instead, call for the help of a trained expert, like the ones at Atlantic Refrigeration. Hiring a certified professional for heating repair in Rehoboth Beach helps ensure that your boiler problems will be repaired quickly, correctly and efficiently. Are you experiencing problems with your boiler? Call us today!

What Strange Sounds Can Mean

Here are some examples of strange boiler sounds and what they can indicate:

  • Banging or booming sound at start-up – a banging or booming sound when your boiler begins a heating cycle can indicate a problem with delayed ignition (gas) or an issue with the oil pump (oil). In either case, the boom sound is caused by excess fuel igniting in the combustion chamber, which is a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Rumbling at shut-down – this noise typically occurs with boilers that use oil, and it is a continuation of a problematic oil pump: oil is leaking into the combustion chamber and may take longer to extinguish, causing the rumbling sound.
  • Bubbling sound in the pipes – a bubbling sound in the pipes is usually indicative of air trapped in the piping system. Excessive air is removed by bleeding your radiators.
  • Grinding noises – grinding noise are typical of a ball bearing issue. The ball bearings in the motor need to be properly lubricated to work correctly; if they become dry, friction causes them to grind. Grinding is not a good thing for any part of your system, so if you hear a grinding noise, call for assistance immediately.

As the homeowner, you know what kinds of sounds are normal during the operation of your boiler and what aren’t.

If you are hearing strange noises coming from your boiler heating system in Rehoboth Beach, contact Atlantic Refrigeration today.

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