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Don’t Rely on Closed Vents to Control Your Air Flow

Bridgeville, DE has a large number of gas furnaces, which provide effective and inexpensive warmth in an eminently reliable fashion. But like any other appliances, they can run into trouble from time to time, and when they do, you need a quality repair service to get it fixed. Sometimes, you can inadvertently hasten that damage simply by attempting to use the system in a manner that it wasn’t intended. For example, some people will close a large number of vents in their home in order to guide the heat into one particular location. This can work in some cases, but there’s a significant cost.

When you close more than a single vent or two at a time (say, more than about 20% of the vents if your home), the air doesn’t flow through the system the way it should. In some cases, that can leave it sitting in the furnace itself, which increases the strain on individual components and can cause them to overheat. Modern furnaces usually have safety features that will shut off the power before that happens — sparing the system any unnecessary damage — but that still leaves you with a problem in need of fixing.  If your heater keeps cycling on and off with no apparent cause, this could be the reason.

There’s a solution if you require it: zone controls installed in your ducts that allow precise control the temperature in your home without running the risks of overheating that simply closing the vents does. If this is an ongoing issue, look into a zone control system from a qualified dealer. If it isn’t, simply check your vents periodically and make sure you don’t keep more than one or two closed at any given time.

For heating repairs or to install a zone control system, trust the professionals at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditoining, Inc.



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