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HVAC Services You Don’t Want to Pass On This Winter

three-checklistA question commonly asked of us is:

“When’s the best time to have a particular HVAC service performed?”

Since we’re just about to hit winter here in Delaware, we’ll approach that question by mentioning three services you should have done at this time of year.

Air Purification and Filtration

There’s no better time than fall and winter for air purification and filtration.

As their names suggest, these are devices that will clean up the air inside your home. They’re ideal for families or family members who suffer from allergies and asthma symptoms. During the colder months, they can also be used to help reduce the spread of germs.

Air Filters: Air filters catch various particles and contaminants as air passes through them. Pet dander, dust, and dirt are a few examples of these particles. Particles comes in all different sizes, so you’ll need to have a filter installed that’s capable of blocking out the ones that are plaguing your home. Places like hospitals and surgery rooms require top-of-the-line filters, but for the average homeowner, it’s recommended to have something more in the middle of the range.

Air Purifiers: Purifiers take a different approach by pulling in particles and contaminants via an electric charge. These are capable of capturing contaminants such as those given off my smoke, odors, and chemicals. When it comes to biological contaminants, you’ll need to upgrade to a UV air purifier, which uses a UV light to kill germs. Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms don’t stand a chance.

Since there are a variety of air filters and purifiers available, not all of them will be beneficial for your home. You’ll want to have an HVAC contractor in Delaware and Maryland, DE decide for you after testing your air and assessing your environment.

Water Heater Maintenance

There’s really no time of year where it would be convenient to have your water heater break down on you. Hot water is constantly needed for household chores and relaxing warm showers—but just imagine how much worse it will be if you can’t have warm water in the middle of winter!

Water heaters are generally low-maintenance and will behave themselves, so the real danger comes from not checking up on them regularly. A maintenance check will ensure that some of its vital components are still in order:

  • Anode Rod: A metal rod in the water heater that helps prevent corrosion to the tank. However, anode rods do dissolve over time and need to be changed out every few years.
  • Sediment Buildup: Water heaters collect sediments at the bottom of their tank—its inevitable. These sediments need to be flushed from the tank annually to prevent leaks and reduced efficiency.

Anything Air Conditioner Related

Yes, you read that right—a perfect time for air conditioner services is right in the middle of fall and winter.

AC maintenance, replacement, and installation are in huge demand during the summer. If you call in for AC repairs, you’ll most likely be added to the bottom of a very large list of customers. Instead of sitting in the brutal heat and waiting for your turn, get the major preventive services and replacements done during the off-season.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule a service, no matter what time of year.

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