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Late Winter Heater Problems That You Should Look For

When heating problems crop up, they tend to do so in the latter half of the season, after your system has been running for a while and possibly accrued some wear and tear in that time. Regular servicing at the beginning of the winter can spot early problems, but even if you had your system maintained, our Dover, DE winter has been a tough one, and there’s always a chance that something will develop to shut your heater down. If you can spot the signs of late winter heater problems, it can often mean the difference between a comparatively simple problem and a much more serious one. Here’s a list of a few to help you out.

Fan Motor and Fan

The fan motor runs the blower, which moves heated air from the furnace itself into your home. The motor can suffer problems with friction, faulty parts, frayed wires or just general wear and tear. Similar problems can occur in the felt belt, which may become fray, loose or broken over a winter’s worth of regular use. In these cases, a trained technician can move quickly to address the issue.

Clogged Burners

The burners are essentially a series of gas jets, channeling lit gas towards the heat exchange to facilitate the heating process. They can become clogged with dust and dirt over time, lowering the heater’s efficiency and increasing the stress on other components in the system.

Ignition Problems

Older systems may still use a pilot light, but most newer ones use an electrical ignition system. If the system becomes worn or the electrical connections are frayed, the system won’t ignite. Safety features keep the gas form flowing, but the system will stay off until you get the ignition problem addressed.

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