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Warning Signs That You May Need Heating Repair

The colder weather hasn’t yet arrived in Delaware, but it won’t be long before you will need to turn on your home’s heating system once again for the winter weather. Is your heater prepared for the job? Now is the best time to find out if the system needs to have any repair work done and have the job taken care of before the outdoor thermometer starts to drop.

To find out if your heater requires repairs, take it for a “test drive” during a warm fall day and turn it on for an hour. We’ll list some of the warning signs to watch for during this time that will indicate you should call professionals in Dover, DE for heating repair. You can reach Atlantic Refrigeration any time of the day or night when you need skilled technicians to fix your heater in time for the colder weather.

Watch for these warnings from your heater

  • Strange noises: This is the most common indication that something is malfunctioning inside a heating system. Mechanical grinding and groaning, clicking, hissing, and rumbling are all noises that you shouldn’t hear coming from your home’s heater. Anything that sounds out of the ordinary should prompt you to call for repairs.
  • Odd smells from the vents: If you use a forced-air heater, such as a furnace or heat pump, then musty or burning odors wafting from the vents could mean a number of problems are afflicting the heater. Don’t try to diagnose the source on your own: leave this to the professionals.
  • Water leaks: This is specific to boilers. Look to see that no water is dripping from the pipes or pooling in the area around the tank.
  • Low airflow: Check on the air coming from the vents in each room. If the airflow feels lower than it should from one or more of the vents, then you should contact repair technicians to see what the problem might be.

Another sign to watch for when your heater begins to run regularly is an increase in your heating bills above what you normally expect to pay. This kind of cost spike usually means the system is experiencing a malfunction that is cutting into its efficiency.

Even if everything seems fine during the test run for your heating system, you still need to schedule a pre-season inspection and tune-up for it from professionals. Atlantic Refrigeration offers a comprehensive maintenance program that will make sure there are no impending repair issues with your heater, and also see that it is working at its most efficient.

Contact the heating professionals at Atlantic Refrigeration today to schedule a maintenance session or for any heating repair in Dover, DE you may need.

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