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What Causes Low Heat Levels in a Furnace?

Many homes in the Dover, DE area depend on forced-air furnaces to keep warm in the winter. They’re inexpensive and easy to operate, which makes them a safe, effective means of heating. Like any other system, however, they run into trouble from time to time, and while only a qualified service technician can correct those problems, you can still spot the signs that something is wrong. Now is a good time to do so: when you’re running your heater but still don’t have as dire a need for it as you will in a few months when the temperatures really drop. You don’t need to be an expert to spot when heating levels drop, and when the air emerging from you heater is cooler than you expect it to be. The causes for cooling air are numerous, and can include the following:

  • Duct Breaches. A breach or tear in the ducts will either pull the heated air out or pull unheated air in. This is often the case when cool air emerges from only one vent instead of the whole house.
  • Clogged Burners. Burners can get clogged by dust and dirt over the summer, then remain clogged when you fire up the furnace again. A technician can unclog them as part of a routine maintenance session.
  • Clogged Lines. Gas lines that are clogged or suffer a similar issue won’t feed the burners, which tends to result in cooler air.
  • Blockages. Filters that haven’t been changed or other build-up in the duct system can force the heated air back into the system itself. In some systems, that will cause some burners to shut down instead of risking damage to any components sensitive to overheating.

If you ever detect reduced levels of heating from your furnace, turn it off and call in the professionals at Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning!

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