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How a UV Air Purifier Works in Your Home

The air in your home directly impacts your health. Bacteria, pollen, and pollutants float around that actually make your indoor air quality worse than the outdoor air quality. UV air purifiers have become popular in recent years, and for good reasons.

Today, we’ll look at how you can get UV air purifier services in Sussex County, DE and what one of these devices can do for your home.

Improved Air Quality

The main point is to improve your air quality. But what does that truly mean? It refers to reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. VOCs get into your lungs, and while your lungs have their own waste system that captures debris and removes it, they can’t catch everything.

You also don’t want to rely on your body’s natural immune response to VOCs and other pollutants, especially because poor indoor air quality can affect your sleep, and your sleep directly affects your immune system.

Your Air Is Sanitized

Sanitization means disinfecting something, or to make it completely hygienic. We usually think of sanitization in terms of surfaces, but your air can be sanitized as well. This removes those VOCs from the air that we mentioned earlier, so they don’t make it into your fresh air supply.

Air sanitization is different from just air purification. With a non-UV air purifier, you remove pollutants from the air by trapping them in a filter. UV air purifiers neutralize bacteria and VOCs so that while the particles may remain in the air, they’re no longer harmful.

They Work With Your HVAC System

They sanitize the air, but how are they deployed? Instead of having a single standalone air purifier, like you may see people buy from Amazon, a UV air purifier has to work alongside your HVAC system.

Your home likely has central air or heating, which means there’s a series of ductwork that runs throughout your home. Air is delivered through vents in your floor or ceiling, circulating it just about everywhere in your living space. Without a UV air purifier, all the bacteria we talked about earlier floats around, waiting to be breathed in.

You Can’t Skip Maintenance on Your UV Air Purifier

Your UV air purifier, as you may imagine, uses UV light to kill bacteria. This is done through a UV lamp, usually made of quartz or glass. UV light is effective for neutralizing bacteria and mold spores, but it’s not safe for direct contact with your skin. And these lamps (sometimes referred to as rods) eventually burn out. They need to be replaced by professional HVAC technicians who know how to be careful.

Don’t Wait to Purify Your Air Any Longer

The cost of doing nothing about your indoor air quality is too great—it’s time to begin purifying your air as soon as possible so you can achieve the best level of comfort, health, and safety for you and your family. It all starts with a phone call and an appointment. We’ll help you find the best UV air purifier that meets your budget and needs and take care of the entire installation process for you.

Contact us today to schedule your UV air purifier installation as soon as possible.

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