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Why Do I Need a Humidifier This Winter?

Fall has come to Dover, DE and winter won’t be far behind. You may have noticed that the air gets much drier in the winter than in the summer, and that can have a huge impact on your home comfort levels. A whole-house humidifier may be the solution, elevating relative humidity levels and helping your home stay cozy. A qualified technician can install such a system in your home, but you may be asking why you need. Allow us to spell out the answers below.

Dry Air is More Serious Than you Think

When relative humidity levels drop below 30% or so, the air becomes too dry for us to feel comfortable. Our skin feels cracked and itchy, static electricity causes shocks when we move across a room, and at extreme levels even the furnishings in your home can suffer damage. Worst of all, your throat and sinuses will dry out, which not only leaves them feeling scratchy as well, but make it easier for viruses and other illnesses to get into your body.

Dry air is a problem every winter, because when the air temperature drops, it pulls the ambient moisture out of it. That means low humidity won’t go away anytime soon, and you can expect to deal with the problems it creates each and every winter.

Humidifiers Solve the Problem

A whole-house humidifier is installed in your existing HVAC system, usually at the apex of the ductwork. A wick collects water from a reservoir, then a high speed fan blows over the wick, restoring ambient moisture to the air. Your system then passes the moistened air through your home via the ducts, gradually increasing the humidity as your HVAC system runs. Your home is restored to proper comfort levels and the problems associated with dry air vanish.

Atlantic Refrigeration installs and maintains whole-house humidifiers, so call us today!


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