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3 Things to Look for in a New Heater

Summer is over and with the turning of the leaves here in Dover, DE comes the need to fire up your heater for another season. If yours is old and ready to be replaced then now is an excellent time to plan for it, before the temperatures drop too far and you need your heater to function every day. A qualified service technician can help you plan for a new heater, then install it once you’ve made your decision. As you begin planning, here’s a short list of 3 things to look for in a new heater.

1.     Sizing

Heaters need to have a power level that corresponds to the size and unique features of your home.  Professionals use Manuel J load calculations to factor in all of the variables in your home and arrive at a proper sizing for your unit. That way, you have a heater that is powerful enough to meet you need, but not so powerful as to engage in short cycling (turning on and off rapidly throughout the day) and adding unnecessary wear and tear to your system

2.     AFUE Rating

AFUE stands for “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency,” which measures the amount of heating power a furnace creates in comparison to the fuel it consumes. The higher the rating, the more efficiently it generates heat and the less money you’ll have to spend on heating bills. As a good cheat sheet, look for heaters that have the Energy Star sticker, denoting particularly high AFUE ratings.

3.     Type of Systems

Furnaces and heaters run the gamut from traditional forced-air furnaces to boilers and radiators to heat pumps to radiant heating systems that warm your home through the floorboards. Some are more efficient than others and a new type of heater might make a better fit for your home than the one you currently have. Talk to a professional about your options and which system might make a good fit for your home.

For advice and help on installing a new heater, the pros at Atlantic Refrigeration are standing by!

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