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Benefits of a New Thermostat

With fall here in Dover, DE and winter on its way before too long, now is the time to install a new thermostat. Thermostats can last for many years, and we often have some homes with units that are decades old. Functionality is less of a concern than the updates available with new thermostats. And like any other form of technology, thermostats have undergone some amazing upgrades in the last few years. If you haven’t seen the benefits of a new one, especially if your existing one is a decade old or longer, now is a good time to consider an upgrade for this winter.

Smart Programming

Smart programming features incorporate both your tendencies as a homeowner and the current weather conditions into the thermostats programming. It learns from your heater and cooling habits, then makes micro-adjustments to compensate. That helps eliminate unnecessary energy waste as well as making it easier to find the perfect household comfort level for you and your family. Furthermore, with smart programming, the thermostat makes automatic adjustments to account for rising or falling humidity levels, unexpected outside weather and the like. That helps further improve the system’s efficiency, as well as keeping your home in comfortable shape.

Remote Control

Remote controls used to be used from across a room or across a home. With the advent of the internet, however, the rules have changed. Modern thermostats can stay linked to the worldwide web via the Wi-Fi signal in your home. That means you can link up to your thermostat anywhere in the world via an app on your phone: turning it on or off, programming it and the like no matter where you happen to be. You’ll never need to worry about leaving the heat on when you go on vacation again, and the improved flexibility will further cut into your monthly energy bills.

For more on the benefits of a new thermostat, talk to Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning right away!

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