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Common Issues with Radiant Heating Systems

Many homes in Dover, DE use alternative means of heating trying to escape the issues and problems associated with traditional furnaces and boilers. Radiant heating systems, which warm your home through heater coils planted beneath the floorboards, are an excellent way of doing this. They cost less to run than other types of heating and their reliability means that repair issues are rarely a problem. Sometimes issues do crop up, however, as much as we might like them not to, and you can do yourself a favor by watching closely for some of the common issues with radiant heating systems. When you spot them, shut your system down and call in a repair service immediately.


Leaks almost never happen in the coils themselves, since they’re protected under your floorboards and safe against most forms of damage. A loose coupling at the apex can cause leaks, however, and leaks can sometimes spring up in the pump as well. The best way to spot them is to check your water pressure gauge to see if it’s lower than it should be. A trained technician can seal the leak the right way, but you should never run your system after you have detected a leak

Low Heat

A faulty thermostats can cause your system to turn off before it has sufficiently warmed your room, as can damaged components in the electrical or control system. In addition, the pump itself might not be working as it should, and if the liquid can’t circulate through your tubes properly, it’s not going to be able to do its job. Either way, that means increased strain on the system and possibly higher energy bills to boot. Trust a qualified repair technician to hunt down the source of the problem and correct it properly.

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