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Now is the Time to Prepare for Heating Season

Here in Dover, DE, heating is the last thing on most people’s minds. Temperatures are soaring in the middle of summer, and our patented Atlantic humidity is hitting us hard right on schedule. Homeowners are concentrating on their air conditioners, as well as they should, and keeping yours reliably running is the top priority. But now is also the time to look ahead to heating season, which will be here before you know it. You have time to get ready for it by scheduling a maintenance session from a trained technician, and/or treating any lingering repair issues that may be present. The reasons why are self-apparent, but can easily be missed amid the heat waves and need for cooling rather than heating.

Preparation Saves Money

A maintenance session is designed to improve your heater’s efficiency by cleaning off clogged burners, wiping the dirt away, tightening loose components that may rattle, and so on. By doing all of that before you need to turn your heater on, you can ensure that it’s ready to go when the temperature drops and will do its job without costing you anything unnecessarily.

Convenience and Preparedness

In addition, the technician can spot more serious signs of trouble in your heater during a maintenance session and schedule a repair to get it taken care of promptly. Not only will that prevent the issue from causing a breakdown just when you need your heater the most, but it also gives you the flexibility to schedule those repairs at leisure, instead of having to rush around on short notice when an emergency arrives. You’ll be fully prepared when the fall heating season arrives and can operate your heater with the confidence that comes from proper preparation.

Call Atlantic Refrigeration today to schedule a heating maintenance session before the fall arrives!

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