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Breaking Down 5 Common Myths About Air Conditioners


Air conditioning technology has been around for a long time, but many people still have misunderstandings about ACs. Although it’s easy to access information about air conditioning systems, it’s also easy to come across incorrect information—and that’s why many myths about ACs still spread around.

In this post, we’re going to break down 5 common myths about air conditioning systems. Knowing the truth about ACs can help you with your own home cooling system. Whenever you need help from experts with your air conditioning in Delaware, call our team for help.

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#1. Air conditioners clean the air

We know that when you feel the crisp, cool air coming from an AC on a hot day, it feels like it must be fresh and clean. But this is just an illusion. The air coming from the vents can be cool and still filled with contaminants. An air conditioner isn’t a substitute for indoor air quality devices like whole-house air filters or air purifiers. The filter that’s already on the AC does little to improve air quality. It’s there to protect the interior of the air conditioner.

#2. An air conditioner needs occasional refrigerant refills

This comes from a misunderstanding of what refrigerant does. Refrigerant isn’t an energy source an AC consumes as it runs. An air conditioner runs on electricity. Refrigerant is the heat transfer medium that allows the AC to move heat from inside the house and exhaust it outside. Unless the air conditioner develops leaks along the refrigerant lines, the same amount of refrigerant will last through the system’s service life. Putting more in will damage the AC!

#3. You should turn your AC off while away on vacation

This seems to make sense: why have the air conditioner waste power cooling an empty house? However, it requires far more energy to cool down an extremely hot house after you return from vacation than to have the house kept slightly cooled during that time. Rather than shut the AC off entirely, set the thermostat for 86°F. The air conditioner will only run occasionally to keep the house from overheating and you will end up saving money.

#4. Wait for your AC fully break down before replacing it

The idea of “getting your money’s worth” from an AC by running it for as long as it will run is false. In fact, you’ll end up wasting money if you push your AC past its prime. Most air conditioners will last from 10 to 15 years, and after that point will start to lose energy efficiency. You’ll pay much more to run the AC in its old age. Starting over with a new system with improved efficiency is far better. You can always ask pros when it’s time for a new air conditioner.

#5. Air conditioners don’t need maintenance every year

They do! We wrote a post this year about this topic, so go check that out to find out why annual maintenance is so critical for an air conditioner.

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