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Could Ductless Air Conditioning Be Right for You?

ductless-air-conditioningSpringtime is the time to evaluate the state of your air conditioner and decide if it’s time for a replacement. Doing so allows you to take advantage of the benefits before summer arrives, as well as preventing the breakdown of an old, worn air conditioner in the middle of a July heat wave. If you’re looking at a new system, you’re likely focused on a centralized air conditioner, which cools the air in a single location, then blows it into your home with a fan. But it’s not the only type of air conditioner out there, and if centralized systems don’t work for you for whatever reason, then you might want to consider installing a ductless air conditioner instead. How does it work and what kinds of benefits does it bring to you? Read on for the answers.

A Decentralized Approach

Most air conditioners use just a single unit to provide cool air. Ductless systems use multiple units, each one responsible for cooling just one section in your home. Each unit can be operated independently of the others, allowing you to set different temperatures in different rooms.

That can cost more to install than centralized systems, since you’ll need to set up more units in the home. In exchange, however, it offers a number of advantages for your household.

  • No Ducts. The first and most obvious benefit is the elimination of the need for ductwork. This may not be a huge concern for some households, but if your home was built before the advent of air conditioning, it may not be able to support a system of ducts. Furthermore, homes with unique architectural features might not be able to use ducts as well. A ductless system allows such homes to enjoy comprehensive air conditioning without relying on flimsy window-box-mounted systems.
  • Personalized Control. Not every member of your household will have the same idea of a comfortable temperature, which can lead to squabbles over the thermostat in some cases. Ductless systems can end all of that. Supposed, for example, that you’re cooking dinner over a hot stove and want the air turned up to compensate for the heat. Doing so will cause your spouse watching TV in the living room to freeze. Ductless systems allow you both to maintain the temperature you prefer without having to compromise.
  • Monthly Savings. By extending that tendency, the more important advantage of ductless air conditioning systems comes to light. They allow you to turn off the air in parts of the home that go unoccupied during the day — bedrooms, for instance, or similar areas in the upper stories of the home — while still running it in parts of the home that you’re going to occupy. That allows you to cut down on monthly energy bills considerably without skimping on the cool air you need to keep your home comfortable. It also reduces strain on the system, helping it last longer and lowering the risk of a breakdown.

If ductless air conditioning sounds like a good fit for your Lewes, DE home, call Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. today!

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