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3 Advantages to Zone Control Systems

One of the big benefits to ductless mini split systems is their ability to divide your home into sections, each of which can have their temperature adjusted individually. Normally, this can’t happen if you have a centralized HVAC system, generating conditioned air from a single heater or air conditioner and distributing it through a system of ducts. However, a zone control system – a series of valves and shutters installed in your ductwork, each controlled with its own thermostat and activation panel – can achieve much the same thing without forcing you to get rid of your existing ducts. It can be a huge boon here in Dover, DE, especially for homes with a lot of square footage. Here are 3 specific advantages to zone control systems that you should consider.

1)    Precision Control

As with ductless mini split systems, a zone control system lets you adjust the temperature of each room separately. So if you’re in one room and want the temperature to sit at 75 degrees, and someone else is in another room and wants it set at 72 degrees, you can both get what you want with minimal fuss and effort.

2)    Lower Bills

By taking that ability to its logical extreme, you can lower the energy expenditure of your system and reduce your monthly bills accordingly. Simply turn off the heat in unused portions of the house while keeping it on in those rooms that you’re occupying. Your usage will go down and your system will give your monthly bills a big break.

3)    Longer Life

Going hand-in-hand with that reduced energy usage is reduced stress on the system as a whole, which means that it will run less risk of a breakdown. Over time, that could even extend the life your system, delaying the date when you’ll need to get it replaced.

For installation and repair of zone control systems, give the pros at Atlantic Refrigeration a call today!

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