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Don’t Call Heating Repair Until You Check First!

With winter officially here, residents of Dover, DE have been firing up their heater in anticipation of some cold days and colder nights ahead. The last thing you need is trouble with your heating systems, and when malfunctions occur, you want a reliable service to make it right as quickly as possible. But make sure that you really need repairs before you do. It can be embarrassing – not to mention expensive – calling in a service professional, only to find that the issue could be resolved with the simple flip of a switch. Here’s a few things to check with your heating system before you call in a repair service.

Electrical Power

Most heaters use at least a little electrical power to run the fan motors, the ignition and other devices. Even if yours is a gas furnace or a boiler, something somewhere in it needs electrical power to run. When it shuts off unexpectedly, there may have been a surge in your electrical system or similar issue causing the circuit breaker to kick in. Check your breaker box first before calling a repair service.

Thermostat Settings

Did you accidentally shut off the thermostat before you used it last? Or perhaps you programmed it to the wrong time, causing the system to turn on or off unexpectedly. Thermostat issues are surprisingly common this time or year and you don’t normally need a professional to fix a bit of mis-programming or a dead battery.


Most heaters come with an air filter to strain out dirt as air passes through the system. That dirt can build up, much like lint in the lint guard of a dryer, which means it will need to be replaced or cleaned regularly. If your heater is having problems – especially if the flow or air is low or otherwise “off” – then always check the air filter first.

For more tips on heating repair, or to call in a repair session, contact Atlantic Refrigeration today!

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