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What are the Benefits of a Radiant Heating System?

If you’re looking at replacing the heating system in your home, then now is an excellent time to do it. Fall has arrived, and with our chilly Dover, DE winters just a few short weeks away, you’ll want to equip your home with the best system you can to combat those low temperatures. And if more traditional forms of heating aren’t quite what you need, you might want to consider an alternative, specifically a radiant heating system. It involves placing tubes of coils beneath the floorboards in your home, then pumping heated liquid through them to warm your room directly through your feet of the furnishings. It sounds wild, but it actually provides a number of tangible benefits.

Improved Efficiency

Force-air furnaces and boilers have to transfer their thermal energy through the air, which works but can be extremely inefficient. With a radiant heating system, the energy goes directly where it needs to, meaning it costs less to operate and does the job with much greater efficiency.  Reduced monthly costs can mean a great deal in the cold of winter, and if you can gain them without sacrificing reliable heating, it’s win-win.

Fewer Repairs

Radiant heating systems have most of their components beneath the floorboards, which are out of the way of harm and subject to a lot less wear and tear. That means you won’t need to call for repair nearly as often and that your system will tend to last for a long time before needing to be replaced.

No Drafts or Cold Spots

Forced-air systems can create a lot of issues in your home, including drafty areas, cold spots and even increased illness as germs and bacteria circulate through the air. Radiant heating systems eliminate all of that, resulting in a happier and healthier home overall.

For more on the benefits of a radiant heating system, call Atlantic Refrigeration today!

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