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Leaky Ducts Can Cost You a Great Deal

Indoor_Air_Quality_Filters_Duct_Cleaning_dreamstime_xl_31113411If you have a forced-air furnace in your home, you’re probably aware of the ducts used to transport the heated air from the furnace itself into the various rooms in your home. (The same ducts are used to convey cool air from your air conditioner in the summer.) They’re usually kept safe behind your walls, in your attic, or tucked away in similar spots. But problems can develop sometimes: leaks can spring up when bolts and seals break down, and in the worst cases, and actual breach can develop. That can be devastating during our cold winters here in Dover, DE, and leaky ducts need to be dealt with as quickly as possible when you spot them.

Why Are They a Problem?

Leaky ducts are a problem primarily because they rob your heating system of efficiency, costing you more money. Hot air is diverted out of the system (and in some cases cold air is brought in), which means the heater needs to work harder to do its job. Your monthly costs will go up, the heater will take longer to do its job, and the added strain on the system can lead to bigger problems down the road. In some cases, the leak or breach can also pull dust or dirt into the ducts, which can lower the quality of air in your home.

How Can You Spot the Signs of Trouble?

Leaks in your ducts can be hard to spot, since they lie hidden from sight most of the time. The good news is that there are some telltale signs you can use to notice them, including:

  • Whistling or humming noises coming from the sport of the leak. In most cases, these noises will start and stop with the starting and stopping of the heating system.
  • Warm spots on the walls or floor where divert air from the leaks is blowing. In the summer, these will be cold spots as when the air conditioner runs.
  • Lower air speed out of the affected vents.
  • Lower heating levels out of the affected vents.
  • Higher monthly bills, reflecting the increased energy the heater must expend in order to make up for the lost efficiency.
  • Increased levels of dust and dirt in the air.

What to Do When You Spot Signs of Trouble

Many people think it’s easy to repair leaky ducts, but it actually takes professional attention and licensed technicians to do the job. In the first place, because ducts are so often hidden, it can be hard to pinpoint the precise spot, making it easier to damage the surrounding material unnecessarily. It may sound odd, but duct tape is actually a terrible way to repair ducts — it can’t handle the temperature shifts — and similar methods rarely solve the problem in a long-term way. Professionals know how to used tools like duct master or even fitted parts to cover the leak or breach, ensuring that the problem gets fixed the right way.

Call the professionals at Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning today to repair your leaky ducts!

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