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Now it the Time to Install a New Heater

Summer still has a few weeks left to go, but with Labor Day done, we’re going to start seeing cooler and cooler days going forward. If your heater is showing signs of fatigue and barely limped through the last cooling season, now is the time to consider a replacement. Even if it still seems to be running, an older heater could be on its way to a major breakdown sometime this winter. A new one can benefit your home in more ways than one.

Why Get a Replacement?

The biggest reason to replace an older heater is long-term costs. A furnace or a boiler that is past its warranty may be suffering from wear and tear that you can’t always see, but which can turn around and bit you at any moment. A failing part may create a breakdown just when you need the heater to function, and further repairs may simply be more expensive than the system is worth. Alternately, your older heater may work through the winter, but general inefficiency can lead to huge heating bills, which a new system can help alleviate. Oftentimes, it’s simply a matter of throwing good money after bad, making the investment in a new heater preferable to repeated investment in an old one.

Why Now?

The weather in September can sometimes become cool, but not so cold that you need your heater every day. That gives you time to plan for and schedule a heating replacement session with a modicum of leisure. You can go through your options, find the system that works for you, sand schedule a replacement with your service provider more or less at your pace, instead of having to scramble in the face of an oncoming cold front.

Call Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning today to have your old heater replaced in Seaford, DE!

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