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Common Signs of Heater Trouble

With the cool days of fall here in Dover, DE, you’ve likely had an opportunity to run your heater and keep your household comfortable in the face of falling temperatures. You may also have noticed signs that something is amiss, which may require a repair technician to take a look. If your heater is experiencing problems, then now is the time to treat them, before the snows of winter start to fall and you need your system to function without trouble every day. By spotting common signs of heater trouble – even those that don’t shut down your heater – you can get a jump on any trouble and head it off before it results in a complete breakdown.

Low Heat Levels

If the system isn’t blowing any hot air at all, that’s an obvious problem, but even a system with reduced heat levels can mean big trouble in the future. Low heat can result from clogged burners, blocked gas flow and breaches in your ducts, among other issues, but regardless of the causes, it will force your system to work harder (and raise your monthly heating bills) in order to do its job.

Low Air Flow

Sometimes, the heat levels may be just fine, but the air coming out of your vents just isn’t moving with the speed you desire. That creates the same issues as reduced heat levels – lower efficiency and higher bills – and can be caused by anything from a clogged filter to problems with the fan motor.

Higher Bills

Your heater doesn’t need to exhibit any overt signs of trouble to tell you there’s something wrong. It might just take an unexpected spike in your heating bills to indicate a component that is struggling and forcing your system to use more energy. If your bills go up without any obvious increase in usage, a trained technician can get you to the bottom of it.

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