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When Should I Call an Emergency Service?

Quality HVAC companies know that repairs don’t always fall during normal working hours, and given the hot summer and cold winters here in Dover, DE, a qualified technician needs to be on call 24/7. That’s invaluable when you have an emergency to deal with… but how can you tell when that moment arrives? What qualifies as an emergency service, and what can wait until normal operating hours (and a lower expense)? Only you can answer that question for sure, but here’s a few suggestions to help guide you in the right direction.

Is There a Health Concern?

Sensitive members of your family may need the temperature at a certain level in order to avoid illnesses. A newborn baby or elderly family member could be put at risk if your air conditioner goes out in the middle of winter, for example, and family members with allergies may not be able to handle an evening without their air purifier working. If someone’s health is in danger – even if it’s mild danger – then you don’t want to hesitate to call an emergency service?

Will Waiting Impact Other Parts of Your Life?

A problem with your heating or air conditioning system might not lead to a health risk, but it could still impact another part of your life unduly. For instance, if you lose air conditioning during a steamy summer night, you might not be able to sleep, which will impact your performance at work or school the next day.

Does the Savings Offset the Cost?

There may be some repairs where waiting a day or two will end up costing you more than paying the extra cost of an emergency service. This most often comes into play with commercial services, where a malfunctioning heater or air conditioner can cost you customers and worker productivity.

For emergency service anytime, call on Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning today!

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