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Every Modern Home Needs a Tankless Water Heater

tankless-water-heaterIn our modern era, we demand more convenience and quicker gratification. For some, this is a bad thing. At the end of the day, though, it’s hard to resist convenience and ease of use—especially when it comes to a warm shower.

First-time homeowners and current homeowners alike should consider modernizing their home with a tankless water heater. Although tank water heaters have been serving people for decades, tankless water heaters have several benefits that are making them a favorite among homeowners.

When it comes to water heaters, the true battle is between the tank versus the tankless. Likewise, we’ll be going through this article with direct comparisons of how a tankless heater outperforms its rival.

Better Energy Savings

Because tankless water heaters are tankless, they’re far more efficient. Not only that, but they aren’t powered by natural gas. Going tankless helps you move toward a fully electrical system. If you have solar panels installed in your home, they can be configured to work with compatible tankless water heaters.

Tank: Whenever you’re not using the hot water, you lose heat gradually through what’s called standby heat loss. Over time, this heat loss adds up and means that you’re wasting money and energy.

Tankless: The water is heated through electrical resistance only when your appliances demand it. There’s no standby heat loss.

Instant Gratification

Tankless water heaters, unlike their tank-equipped counterparts, are a straight-forward type of water heater. When you want hot water, it’s what you get.

Tank: When the tank runs out of water, you have to wait for it to fill up and reheat. Depending on how many gallons your heater holds, this could take a while.

Tankless: The amount of hot water you can get is only limited to how much you’re willing to use. The only limit here is based on how many appliances are trying to use hot water at the same time.


Minimalism is all about removing the clutter from your life. It can also mean using products and appliances that take up less space. Tankless water heaters are perfect for this job.

Tank: These water heaters stand upright, and they can range from four to six feet in height. When installed, they’re essentially like a pillar taking up space. Some configurations have pipes extruding from them, which can make you wary about storing things near them.

Tankless: They’re affixed to your wall above the ground. This means you won’t lose any square footage and can use that space for something else.


Unlike our smartphones, tankless water heaters aren’t purposely designed to break after a couple of years. In fact, tankless water heaters have nearly double the lifespan of tank water heaters.

Tank: Tank water heaters last about 8 to 12 years. It’s not uncommon for them to start developing leaks near the base of the tank as they get older.

Tankless: They have a life expectancy of over 20 years. The parts are also easily replaced, helping them extend that lifespan even more.

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