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3 Upgrades for Your Air Conditioner This Fall

Fall is officially here and that means your air conditioner will soon be taking a break for a few months while your heater takes over the duties of keeping your warm. That makes it the ideal time to consider changes and upgrades to your system to help it perform more effectively. Here in Dover, DE, there are a number of upgrades for your air conditioner you can consider this fall. They will help your system last longer and perform more efficiently, saving you money on monthly bills in the process. Here are three of them to consider.


Air conditioners serve as dehumidifiers by default, but they’re not built for the job and high humidity of the kind we experience in Delaware can really damage it. A whole-house dehumidifier removes that strain from your system, helping it perform more efficiently. In addition, it removes the moisture from the air that can breed sickness and disease, and helps your house feel less clammy and gross during the hot summer months.


If you have an older thermostat that uses a mercury switch, or even a low-end digital thermostat without many features, you should consider an upgrade to a modern unit. New models feature smart technology that adjusts the temperature to match your long-term preferences, and apps for your phone that let you program the thermostat from work or school automatically.

Zone Control Systems

Zone controls use valves and shutters installed in your duct system to control the temperature in each room separately. In terms of savings, it lets you turn on the air conditioning only in rooms you’re occupying, cutting down on costs. It also gives you a fine degree of control, allowing different family members to set different temperatures in different rooms.

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