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Should I Upgrade My Heater?

We’re coming to the end of air conditioning season here in Dover, DE, and while we still have a few more weeks of warm weather in front of us, winter will be here before you know it. Now may be a great time to upgrade your heating system with a new one before the snows start to fall. That way, you won’t have to suffer through another season with an old one that isn’t doing the job. But how can you tell if you need to upgrade your heater?  What’s the difference between a system that can keep going and one that needs replacement? The answers vary according to your unique circumstances, but here’s a few handy guidelines to help you out.

Repairs are Out of Control

Every system needs repairs now and then, but the older your heater gets, the more frequently it will need assistance. Eventually, you’re either paying for repairs left and right, or you’re faced with a single big repair that costs more than the system is worth. Either way, that usually signals a need for a change.

Monthly Costs are Skyrocketing

Your system doesn’t need to break down in order to need replacing. If your bills last winter seemed excessively high, despite not using your heater any more often than normal, your system may be ready to be replaced. On the other hand, if your bills seemed about the same, you can probably move forward for at least another season with your existing system.

Your System is More than 10 Years Old

10 years is a basic litmus test for the age of your heater, but it’s not an exact figure. With regular maintenance, your system could easily last many years more than that. But when accompanied by the problems detailed above, advancing age may be enough to convince you to schedule a replacement.

If your heater needs replacement, call Atlantic Refrigeration today!

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