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Signs That a Commercial Boiler Needs Repair

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

As a business owner, you know how important it is that your workspace be adequately heated throughout the winter. Having an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere can impact your business significantly, so it’s always best to be ahead of repairs instead of waiting for a total breakdown of your heating system before addressing problems with your commercial heating system. However, it can be a challenge to pick up on the signals from such a large heating system, so to help you decipher some of the signs that indicate it’s time for commercial heating repair in Dover, DE, our Atlantic Refrigeration commercial heating experts have put together a list of signs of which to be aware:


Boilers are part of hydronic heating systems, which means they use water to heat your business space. Even though water is part of the system, leaks are not a normal part of operation and need to be attended to right away. Leaks aren’t always readily apparent, so if you see wet spots on your ceiling, hear a dripping noise or have noticed that a radiator or baseboard isn’t working but there’s water around it, it’s important to call for an expert right away.

No Heat/Low Heat

An office space that is too cool can’t operate correctly. There can be multiple reasons for poor heating, including issues with the burner, air lock in the piping system or the off chance that your boiler has run out of fuel. As soon as you detect that your commercial boiler is not heating as needed, it’s time to call for a specialist.

Strange Noises

One of the benefits of a boiler system is that it is a very quiet system to operate. Therefore, if you are hearing strange sounds coming from your heating system, such as pipes banging, a technician should take a look at your system.

A poor heating system can affect your employees, your customers and ultimately, your business.

If you are seeing the signs that you need commercial heating repair in Dover, DE, don’t ignore it – call Atlantic Refrigeration and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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Why You Need a Quality Commercial Thermostat

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

The thermostat is generally the only component of your commercial heating and air conditioning system that anybody in your building has to deal with in a hands-on manner. For the most part, your thermostat may seem fairly simple to operate. But if you don’t have a quality thermostat installed in your office, complex, or building, you may be spending more than you need to on monthly bills and forfeiting your chance at a more comfortable office environment.

A quality thermostat suits your needs but is also user-friendly so that everybody employed in your building or your residents can control it with ease. Talk to the knowledgeable team at Atlantic Refrigeration in order to find out which commercial thermostat will work best on your property in Ocean City.

Your Options for Commercial Thermostats

One of the most important considerations to make when selecting your new thermostat is energy usage. The thermostat communicates to the AC and heater when to turn on and off. Unfortunately, with an old-fashioned manual thermostat, you likely won’t always be able to tell if you’re one or two degrees off from the desired temperature. And a couple of degrees difference in a large commercial space will actually end up costing you a lot more money every month.

A digital thermostat is certainly an upgrade, as it has a clear display so you always know you’re at exactly the temperature you need it to be at. But furthermore, today’s digital thermostats are also programmable, so you can set them to turn on and off throughout the day as scheduled. This helps you to save energy and allows your employees to feel more comfortable in whatever area of the home they’re in.

You can even get a smart thermostat for your business with options that allow you to make sure you’re saving the most energy possible even while you’re away. Smart thermostats have advanced options that make it capable of essentially learning what temperatures you prefer even while you’re away. Simply download an app on your tablet or smartphone, and you can adjust the temperature, check up on energy usage and more.

Thermostat replacement is a job for a trained technician, as commercial properties tend to have complex zone control needs and is a complicated job.

Call the team at Atlantic Refrigeration to learn more about commercial thermostats in Ocean City.

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Ways to Prevent Commercial Heating Repair

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

There is no guaranteed way to prevent ever needing repair for your commercial heating in Dover, but there are a few things you can do to help reduce the incidence of repair. As always, any repairs you do have should be handled by a trained commercial heating technician; commercial heating systems are complex and require expert handling.

Steps That Can Help Prevent Repair

Here are a few steps you can take as a business owner to help reduce the amount of repair you may need to your commercial heating system:

Don’t Ignore Signs of Problems

Are you hearing strange sounds, experiencing uneven cooling or seeing high energy bills when you haven’t changed how you use your heating? These are all signs that your commercial heating system may be experiencing problems, and ignoring them could lead to malfunction or total breakdown. Sounds, smells and poor performance are strong indications that your system isn’t working as it should, so if you are seeing these signs, call for a commercial heating technician.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Maintenance for your commercial heating system is a full tune-up that involves cleaning, inspection, adjusting and lubrication of all moving parts. It also entails a visual inspection of the ductwork, safety checks and a review of the thermostat. Annual maintenance allows you to get ahead of potential repairs, increase energy efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.

Have the Air Filter Changed

Homeowners can usually change the air filter in their heating units themselves, but with the complex mechanics of a commercial heating system, and location, it’s best to allow a trained expert to do this. Air filters are usually changed during annual maintenance, but they should be changed every three months; you can schedule a technician to change your air filter for you, making the process worry-free.

Your commercial space needs to be comfortable in order for you to properly conduct your business. One of the best ways to ensure your business space is always comfortable is to have a reliable commercial heating repair company on hand. Atlantic Refrigeration has the trained and certified commercial technicians you need, so contact us today!

If you are in need of commercial heating repairs, call the people you can count on any time day or night: Atlantic Refrigeration.

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3 Common Commercial Heating Repairs

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Having a comfortable commercial space is critical to your business’s success. Multiple problems can develop with a commercial heating system, which is why it’s important to hire professionals in Georgetown who specialize in commercial heating services for all of your commercial heating repairs. Atlantic Refrigerant is available 24/7, so if you experience problems with your commercial heating, call us immediately.

Common Commercial Heating Repairs

Here are 3 of the more common heating issues that we see at Atlantic Refrigeration:

Fan Problems

The heat in your system can’t be blown into your business space without the blower fan. The fan in a commercial system is large; the core components of the fan are the fan blades, fan motor, belt and wiring. Wires can fray and corrode with regular usage, which can cause issues with the electrical flow; this can result in intermittent operation or a loss of operation of the fan. Fan belts also wear down with usage causing them to loosen or break. Lastly, motor issues can develop. All of these issues can affect how the fan turns, which will reduce the airflow in your system.

Faulty Ductwork

The ductwork in your commercial heating system is an integral part of your heating; without it, the warm air won’t be delivered to your business space. Ductwork is durable, but it can suffer from wear and tear. Cracks, holes and disconnections can develop, resulting in significant heat loss. Repairing commercial ductwork takes skill and expertise, as the ductwork system is complex, so it’s best to call a trained professional.

Electrical Issues

A commercial heating system runs on a significant amount of electricity. There are a few areas where electrical problems can develop, and one of the common problems we see occurs with the system’s capacitors. There are two types of capacitors: a start capacitor and a run capacitor. Each helps the motors in your heating system run, and when one malfunctions, it can create system-wide issues.

Commercial heating repairs should only be handled by well trained and knowledgeable professionals. For expert commercial heating service call Atlantic Refrigeration today.

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Why Schedule Routine Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your commercial property is every bit as important as doing so in your home. While you will disappoint your family and suffer the consequences of discomfort if your residential HVAC system is not up to par, a failing commercial HVAC system puts the comfort of your tenants, clients, and workforce at risk. This can make for a very bad impression, very quickly. Considering all that is riding on the successful performance of your air conditioning system, it only makes sense that you do everything in your power to keep that equipment in great working condition. Doing so is as simple as dialing our number.  When you schedule your commercial HVAC maintenance in Dover, DE with Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., you can count on a truly remarkable heating and cooling performance.

One of the greatest benefits of regular, professional commercial HVAC maintenance is the fact that it can help your system to operate with great efficiency. You see, commercial heating and cooling equipment is going to degrade over time. It gets a lot of use, and all of that use can lead to the loosening of components, shifting of moving parts, and other general wear and tear. All of this can cause your system to work harder than it ought to in order to heat and cool your property, meaning that more energy will be consumed than ought to be necessary. This will be reflected in higher heating and cooling costs, even as performance quality slips.

Of course, a more efficient performance is not the only way in which routine commercial HVAC maintenance can save you money. It can also help to ensure that your system does not suffer from serious operational problems, eventually requiring costly repair services. During a professional maintenance service, every component of your system is inspected and tuned up as needed. This is a very effective means by which to resolve any minor issues with the system. However, it is also a great opportunity for your technician to discover any more major problems, and to determine what your next step ought to be.

Routine maintenance for your HVAC system is a must. Make sure that yours is completed properly. Schedule service with the experts at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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